I have alway been fascinated by different by electronics and vehicles. that is why i made time to develop them into a passion. back in the day i was a fan of the science congress in High school where i was able to excell at the national level of the 2009 competitions with my stunt gun that could deliver over 2000 volts which could be used victims of rape and abductions to act as a self defense tool.

E-con Wheelchair

This is one of my best creation and also has a great sentimental value. i used to have a friend who had a degenerative disorder that ended in them not being able to walk at all. through that, i got motivated to find a way of helping her navigate with much ease. And thus the Wheelchair project was Born. Unfortunately, she did not live long enough to enjoy this creation thus i completed it in her memory so that others can enjoy the benefits that this chair provides.

The Wheelchair allows the user to move much more smoothly using its 16 wheel drive system. It also gives the user the ability to me in an upright position while retaining balance as they move. in any terrain, it navigates effortlessly and can archieve modest speeds Watch the video below.


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